24 October 2014

What Can Be Found in a Death Certificate? Is This My Grandfather?

The Carlo A. Veneziano Standard Certificate of Death[1]  records the place of death as 656 W 35th Street, 11th Ward, in Chicago, Cook County[2]

The Personal and Statistical Particulars in the left column were provided by the Informant Vencizo Veneziano whose address is 823 So. Leavett St.  Carlo is listed as a male, white, married whose wife is Mary with no known birthdate.  Carlo is “about 46” years old [born about 1884] and his occupations were real estate and insurance.  He was born in Calsciabetta, Italy[3] to father Joseph Veneziano born in Calsciabetta, Italy and mother Francisca Meglore born in Calaciabetta, Italy.  Carlo’s residence was 823 S. Leavett St., 25th Ward where he had been living for 25 years.  He had lived in the U.S. for 25 years [immigrated 1905].  This information is a wealth of clues to be explored.

The Medical Certificate of Death lists death at 1 p.m. on Sept 21, 1930 of chronic valvular disease contributed with Heart block of one day duration.  Neither an operation nor autopsy was performed. A clinical diagnosis confirmed the cause of death.  The signature appears to be S Weissel of 3436 S. Halsted St., on Sept 21, 1930.  The place of burial was Oak Ridge Cemetery on Sept 24, 1930 in Hillside, Cook, Ill.  The undertaker was Joseph Marinelli of 2064 Polk St.

The Standard Certificate of Death was filed on 9-22-30 at 7:29 PM.

[1]   State of Illinois, Department of Public Health-Division of Vital Statistics, Registered No. 25557 filed 9-22-30 at 7:29 p.m. (photocopy made May 27, 2005)
[2] It appears from Google Earth (24 October 2014 viewed) that the address is a two story building with two entrances and could be of a 1920-1930 vintage.  It is near the corner with Union and across the street is a modern Morrie O’Malleys Hot Dog building!
[3] Calascibetta (Sicilian: Calascibbetta) is a comune in Sicily, Italy in the Province of Enna.  More can be found at http://www.italyworldclub.com/sicilia/enna/calascibetta.htm

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