05 January 2015

Continuing the Dialogue

I did wait to respond to the second letter until today when I mailed the following in hopes of keeping the discussion going which could lead to that DNA sample I seek!!

Thank you very much for your last letter.  I am enjoying our correspondence and hope you are also.  Your handwriting is excellent.  Mine is atrocious so I hope typing is acceptable to you.

I hope you had a good holiday season and will have a wonderful 2015.   Happy New Year.  Our holiday was calm compared to others as one couple was in Michigan, another in Massachusetts, the third went to Oklahoma and the fourth stayed in Los Angeles.  All those due to other biological parents in play.  Since Janice and I are remarried there are other parents in consideration.

Reading your 12 hour day work schedule makes me exhausted!!  How do you do it?? I spent a 40 year career as a Corporate Facility Manager working in a wide variety of organizations from the federal government to state government (NV) to consumer electronics (Atari), financial institutions (Wells Fargo Bank) and research institutes.  My last work was at ABC KGO Channel 7 in San Francisco.  Now all my work is volunteer work.

I am enclosing more family research.   I have sent the person I believe to be our common Great Grandfather along with your Grandfather and mine.  This time I am sending the information I have found for your father and my father.  I hope my sharing this is useful.

I will be in Salt Lake City next week attending the Salt Lake Institute for Genealogy taking a one week class on writing family history.  It will be a big help.

We are driving to Los Angeles the last weekend this month and I would love to meet you personally to share a cup of coffee and have the opportunity to see some of the family pictures.  We will drive down Friday, January 30th.  I hope your work schedule will allow our meeting on Saturday, January 31st.  Please let me know if that will work.  I would enjoy meeting your grandsons also.

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