28 October 2015


“Patience is a virtue.”  Someone said that and it has a kernel of truth for those of us who are impatient!  I left the story with the note send to my second cousin along with a Y-DNA sample kit.  Well I waited some weeks for a response since we had only met once.  Good thing I did not pester as the package was returned.  Seems I had used the address xx54 and the correct address was xx56.  One would think that the post office just might deliver with the street address that close.  Patience, right??!!  So I resent the package after and email exchange to clarify.  And waited again.

On the 21st of March I presented the family story “Lies, Lies and Damn Lies” to the Sonoma County Genealogy Society.  A normal Saturday general membership meeting like most.  Within 24 hours out of the email world pops a message between two other second cousins I had written postal, so to speak.  Label it serendipity or providence there was now more to pursue!  No patience, full steam ahead.  A series of emails resulted in a phone number for the newest second cousin in Virginia.  This second cousin is gregarious which is a dream for family history and tidbits.

My daughter was on a U. S. Forest Service detail in Washington, D.C. so it was time for a fatherly visit and a contact with this newest cousin.  It turned out that the cousin was in Arlington as was my daughter so it was a small matter of arranging a dinner gathering.  Off to D. C. via Southwest frequent flyer miles and the hide a bed sofa for a week.  One does have to go to the National Archives when in D.C also!!

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