02 November 2015

Delightful Dinner and DNA

The dinner with Arlington (VA) second cousin was delightful at the Ristorante Murali (1201 S. Joyce Street).  Several hours were passed listening to family stories from his perspective.  This second cousin was born and raised in Chicago, IL unlike my LA second cousin who was a Los Angeles product.  Further the age difference between these two cousins was 13 years with LA being older.[1]  There were family visits from time to time.

A great deal was learned about the Chicago family and in some ways the lack of contact between the two parent siblings.  What I did learn was more about the Denver (CO) second cousin and found that one of the three children I was researching was still alive (born 1923 in Chicago).

Remember that I am seeking a Y-DNA sample and Arlington was a direct male line back to a potential great grandfather so without skipping a beat in the conversation I learned that both Arlington and his sister were both adopted!!  He had some notion as to his biological parents and later I sent him information about adoption in Illinois if he was interested in finding out more about his experience.

What I did obtain was the cell and phone number for Denver second cousin whose line would go back via his Mother (an autosomal DNA test).  Arlington and I have continued to be in contact and I hope he makes another trip West to visit now two cousins he has in California.

[1] I am “protecting” the given names consciously as I only have their permission to use them publically when making presentations.  Sorry if it sounds awkward to characterize based on geography! 

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